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Delivering change management on a business transformation programme


About the client

The Home Office is the lead government department for immigration and passports, drugs policy, crime, fire, counter-terrorism and police.​


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2 years



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The challenge


A major digital transformation programme with stakeholders and frontline users across the UK was approaching its deployment phase. At the request of the Senior Responsible Owner, Marlowe Consulting provided a critical friend review of the programme to provide focus on the change management and implementation approach of the programme. The review identified a number of areas in which structured change management, people engagement and change implementation expertise was needed to ensure the next phase of the programme was set up for success.


How Marlowe helped

Following the review, Marlowe was engaged to plan, implement and embed a number of key deliverables including a business change framework, change impact and readiness assessments, benefits realisation plans and the stakeholder engagement strategy as well as engage regional change teams to develop a blueprint for planning national rollout. An important aspect of the Marlowe team's approach involved working alongside, coaching and up-skilling Home Office staff, enabling them to lead and sustain change in the future.



As a result of a sustained and ongoing partnership with Marlowe, the programme has been recognised within the Home Office for its rigorous and structured approach to change management, in particular its success in engaging stakeholders and managing their challenges and requirements in relation to deployment planning. Structured engagement and impact analysis, introduced and supported by Marlowe, means that stakeholders and users are confident in the system and process changes they are being asked to adopt.


In addition, through partnership with Marlowe, a number of Home Office staff are now better skilled and equipped to manage change and have since been elevated into change leadership positions within the organisation.


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