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Business change delivery

Practical change management to create lasting benefits for both organisations and for employees.

The key to successful business change delivery is people


An organisation can invest in and implement the best technology available, but without changes in behaviour - from leaders through to end users - the investment will be wasted. Every strategic change that an organisation implements relies on people both internally and externally changing what they do, adopting new skills and accepting new ways of working.  


We partner with organisations to develop new skills and share best practice so that your new technology, digital strategy, cloud transformation, process re-engineering and culture change programmes deliver the outcomes and benefits that you want.

Realising the benefits and return on investment of transformational change needs specialist expertise in the practical delivery of change management.

How organisations benefit from putting people

first during change


Our focus throughout every change delivery programme is to put people at the forefront of decision-making and planning. We work with internal teams or individuals to develop skills, provide change capacity, advise on best practice, implement pragmatic approaches, and upskill internal resources in change management and delivery.


As programme needs change through the different phases, our approach is flexible and we can take on roles from advice to mentoring  to becoming integrated members of your programme team.  We will support your people to develop change management strategies, mobilise change teams, engage stakeholders, coach leaders and train teams to deliver practical and sustainable change.


Sharing Knowledge

Transferring Skills

Developing Capability

to discuss how we can help you deliver change more effectively

Our approach to working with you


Our flexible approach and people-centric framework considers aspects of change capacity, experience, capability and appetite for change, and may include:


Leaders aligned with the vision and working as an effective team


Clear roadmap, milestones, activities and dependencies


Internal and external stakeholders mobilised and motivated


Implementing changes and handover to BAU post-Day 1 launch

Marlowe’s change delivery framework for all project methodologies


Designing structures, building cultures and implementing processes that help people become more innovative, productive and engaged, creates lasting benefits for both the organisation and for the employee.


Our business change delivery is tailored to your requirements to ensure it is practical and achievable. We will usually begin with a short Discovery phase, during which we will work with you to review the change landscape, people impacts and specific change management challenges, before moving onto Design, Build and Transition phases.

Related Insights 

Our experienced consultants have worked across multiple industries and types of change to achieve successful delivery. We are expertly equipped to bring a range of perspectives to your change programmes, ensuring a comprehensive, adaptable and sustainable change.

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