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Ready, Willing & Able: the keys to successful change management delivery

In our recent article ‘Growing a sustainable Change Management capability’ we shared five important questions that change practitioners need to answer to ensure that people across an organisation understand the change and what it means for them as well as ensuring a successful outcome.

We also introduced Marlowe Consulting’s Business Change Delivery Framework, an action-oriented approach to support leaders, employees, and those in change management roles, to deliver change across a strategic programme portfolio. The framework embraces a business change ‘hub and spoke’ model aligned to the structure of programmes, where the ‘hub’ operates equivalently (and in partnership) with the PMO and the ‘spokes’ own hands-on delivery embedded in lead teams within projects and/or workstreams, under a programme.

Our framework provides practical advice and access to the techniques and tools that will increase the chances of successful project delivery and sustainable change. For your business change to succeed, it is critical that you get people Ready, Willing and Able to work in a new way:

Ready: Are people prepared for and do they have the capacity for change?

Willing: What support is needed for change to be adopted and embedded?

Able: What do our people need to be capable and productive post-change?

Framing all change management objectives, activity and outcomes in these simple terms has been a game changer for our clients resulting in greater understanding of business change, increased engagement and accelerated commitment to, and adoption of, the change. The simplicity of the language effectively removes barriers to accepting business change whilst providing enough structure to organise complex information in a way that is accessible and role specific.

We have worked closely with many clients to implement the framework, including ensuring they can:

  • allow for different scope/scale/complexity/methodology whilst maintaining consistency of strategy & approach

  • re-use existing frameworks and models that our clients already have in place and mapping these into the framework so it’s more an evolution than a replacement.

  • provide the flexibility so that activities can be delivered according to project / workstream priority while maintaining the integrity of the framework.

  • meet the needs of multiple users and roles across the business, programme workstreams, business change, learning and development, stakeholder engagement & communications.

  • maintain a ‘line of sight’ that connects the business change delivery at the spokes to the hub, which provides assurance, co-ordination, and guidance to drive change management quality, consistency and efficiency.

If you need support in simplifying your business change programme to achieve exceptional results please contact us.


About Marlowe

At Marlowe we partner with you and your organisation to deliver large scale, complex transformation and change. We deliver business change solutions, change capability, assurance, training, leadership effectiveness and cultural change.

Our focus is on your people to ensure your change is delivered practically, successfully and sustainably.

Please contact us to find out more about how we can help you deliver business change effectively.

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