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Business change effectiveness training for leaders and teams

We are dedicated to improving business change skills in organisations that we work with. We offer training to support leaders and teams delivering business change.

Our training is designed to help leaders and teams manage change in the real world and provide practical tools and skills. We have a number of ‘off-the-shelf’ courses and can also partner with you to develop training tailored to your organisation’s needs. Training can be provided to support our Change Capability or Change Management Delivery offerings, as a standalone offer or as part of your leadership academy/curriculum.

All Marlowe trainers are experienced change management professionals with a depth and breadth of experience in leading various types of change across multiple industries. They provide examples from their own background to bring training to life and are happy to deep-dive into challenging topics with training attendees.

Objectives of business change training


  • Create effective business change leaders and teams 

  • Build resilience, understanding and personal awareness of how others respond to change

  • Develop individual business change team member skills in change leadership and change management

  • Build business change team knowledge and understanding of project best practices, priorities and task management


Sharing Knowledge

Transferring Skills

Developing Capability

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Marlowe provides training for mid-level and senior leaders of change. We believe good leadership is critical for change to be effective and sustained, and recommend these courses for any business seeking to increase change leadership skills throughout their organisation.

Change Leadership Training

One day sessions

Business Change Team Effectiveness Modules

Bite-size modular training ranging from 1-2 hours per module

We offer 2 ‘off-the-shelf’ training days to develop change leadership. We can also partner with you to develop tailored training to meet your organisation’s specific change requirements.

Leading Change

Develop understanding of how to take ownership of change and lead your team through change.

Transformation Leadership

Build leadership skills to lead a transformation.​

We are expertly equipped to bring a wide range of perspectives to our training, ensuring a comprehensive, adaptable and immersive learning experience.

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Our change partnership services

A skilled team to deliver your needs

Marlowe Consulting staff have spent more than two decades delivering to organisations as expert change managers, coaches and mentors.

Our people have the skills you need to get the results you want.

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