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Partnering with you and your leadership team to increase effectiveness

We work with leaders and leadership teams at all stages of maturity. Whatever the complexities, we'll help you to translate your vision into actions that deliver the right result.

Good leadership is essential for successful change


From setting the vision through establishing achievable goals to supporting people through difficult changes, a good leadership team will deliver change successfully. A great leadership team will ensure that change is sustained and delivers clear, positive and measurable business outcomes while maintaining employee engagement.


Leadership teams need to be clear and consistent on their team purpose, their capabilities and work on their team effectiveness in order to gain the trust and motivation of their employees through change. A high performance leadership team will find it easier to take their people on a potentially long and complex journey towards their vision.

Working with an experienced, sensitive and thoughtful partner is important

How Marlowe can partner with you to achieve more effective leadership


Leadership effectiveness activity requires a strong collaboration between the client and consultant. Working with an experienced, sensitive and thoughtful partner is important


Marlowe work with leaders and leadership teams at all stages of maturity – from newly-formed teams and new leaders through to established leadership groups looking to improve themselves and their organisations – to develop a tailored solution to their leadership goals. We specialise in working with teams who are looking to make changes. This could be a change in strategy, merging or diverging teams, a new leader coming in, or a desire to effect cultural change.


Our support will be tailored to your situation and may include individual leadership coaching, leadership team workshops, vision development, capability assessment and development, and strategic planning.

We provide a comprehensive and bespoke leadership effectiveness offering. Our focus is on partnering with leaders to define and deliver sustained change.

to discuss how we can help you develop change leadership within your organisation

Our expertise and approach in leadership effectiveness


By selecting a specialist leadership, culture change, change delivery and coaching partner you can deliver better strategic change. Our people are experts in working with leaders and their teams to define and deliver change.


Our approach aims to embed ways of working and behaviours that ensure ownership and responsibility for a leadership team’s performance. Our objective is to ensure that you have the practical skills required to embed change.


We will partner with you to understand what you want to achieve, either as an individual leader seeking to drive change or as a leader aiming to build a more effective leadership team during a time of change. Our approach is always collaborative and tailored to your specific challenges.


Tailored, phased approach


To ensure a tailored and appropriate set of interventions and activities, we typically recommend the following phases:

Phase 1


We will interview team members and, if required, read relevant documentation to fully understand your strategic aims and current team dynamics. Findings can be fed back to the team leader or to the full team.

Next: Phase 2 - Design

Sharing Knowledge. Transferring Skills. Developing Capability.
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We are expertly equipped to support a diverse range of leadership teams and challenges and help you achieve your strategic goals.

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