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Developing global leadership team effectiveness


About the client

AstraZeneca is a global, science-led biopharmaceutical business producing innovative medicines which are used by millions of patients worldwide. AstraZeneca is focused on returning to growth through science-led innovation and accelerating its pipeline.


Delivery timescale

8 months



Improved Capability

Accelerated Benefits

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The challenge


AstraZeneca was transforming the way it worked, evolving its culture and simplifying its business. The Global Clinical Solutions (GCS) Team sits at the heart of delivering and sustaining new ways of working and digital innovation.

To ensure that GCS offered the business the transformative solutions it needs and to provide a compelling service within the new operating model, it was vital that the GCS Leadership Team (LT) were effective, engaged, inspired and ready to lead new ways of working, behaviours and culture.


How Marlowe helped


Marlowe Consulting Leadership subject matter experts developed a detailed series of five team interventions across an eight month period to develop the GCS LT. The sessions helped the LT to develop and act as a high functioning team. Marlowe guided them through reflections on their purpose, aspirations, priorities and role in leading and delivering transformation, and developed a roadmap for the changes required.


Sessions were practical and included focus on individual and team strengths and communication styles.



Throughout the engagement team members were coached individually and as a team. The results from surveys taken at the outset and end of the engagement saw big improvements in:

  • Team purpose and dynamic

  • Clarity on priorities and action plan

  • Approach to handling future business challenges

  • Clarity on individuals’ roles and responsibilities

  • New skills and capabilities to lead transformation

  • Resilience to lead the organisation successfully during this exciting but demanding period into the future

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