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Sponsorship announcement: We're sponsoring Swinton Lionesses rugby league prop Lydia Elstone

We’re proud to announce our sponsorship of the Swinton Lionesses’ rugby league prop Lydia Elstone. At Marlowe, we love to champion women who are leading the charge in their chosen field. We took some time to speak to Lydia about how she’s got to where she’s got to and why she loves the sport so much.

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Marlowe: We’re delighted to be sponsoring you Lydia!  We love to champion women who are leading the way in their chosen field.


Lydia Elstone: Thank you, your sponsorship means so much!


M: You’re very welcome, so let’s take some time to hear more about you. Tell us how you got into rugby league.


LE: I started playing at university when the women’s side was first set up in 2019.  I had some friends who were always so excited about the game, and I wanted to be a part of it, so when the women’s side got off the ground, I was on board immediately.

M: Had you ever played rugby league before?

LE: At the age of 24 I had very little experience in playing any type of rugby and to be honest I didn’t have a sporting background at all! While that could have been a little daunting the university team was a great place to learn, and the Swinton Lionesses made me feel incredibly welcome when I joined them in the position of prop in May 2023. It’s an inclusive team and I’ve been able to learn and develop my skills with my team mates and the whole rugby league community. Every session and game is so much fun and my teammates are supportive and kind, I’ve made friends for life, and I am completely hooked on this growing sport.


M: What do you like about playing for a team?


LE: Playing with a team is fantastic as we all support each other and push each other to be the best we can be. It’s so great to learn from people who have been playing for longer and to support new players as they join us.


M: How is women’s rugby progressing – are you seeing more women joining the sport?


LE:  Women’s Rugby League is going from strength to strength and it’s so exciting to be part of a sport that is developing so fast. When I first started playing at the University of Manchester, we were only the third university women’s team to set up in the country and began playing in a local league. This year has seen the first inter-university tournament take place. 


Swinton is really backing their women’s side with fantastic kit, facilities and an amazing coaching and support team. It’s really amazing to see players in Super League signing professional contracts for the first time and live broadcast women’s games on Sky and BBC this year. The sport is really taking off and it’s an incredible to be a part of it.

M: Swinton sound like a fantastic team! It’s great they’re championing diversity in sport. What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to young girls and women about achieving their goals – whether that’s sport or something else?


LE: Simple! Just give it a go and to just keep trying, there’s nothing you can’t do - everyone starts somewhere. Sometimes you will fail but that’s okay, it doesn’t mean you will next time!

M: What does the future hold for you?

LE: This year is exciting for us at Swinton as we have had great recruitment and with the restructured women’s leagues, we are playing against some different teams in League 1. This year feels really positive so far, we have all been working hard in the pre-season and we have kicked off with a win in our first game out. It's really clear to see that everyone is very hopeful for the season and everyone is gelling and is so supportive of each other, it's a great atmosphere. I’m eager to see this side develops this season and in the seasons to come with the support from the club and our sponsors.


M: Thank you Lydia, we are super excited about watching your and the Lionesses team progress over the season!


At the time of writing the Swinton Lionesses are third in their league having played one less game than the two current table leaders. Great work team!


To follow the Swinton Lionesses please follow them on Instagram @swintonlionsrlfc


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