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Realising Benefits through Change Management

Annette Andresen presents at a virtual speaker event for the Change Management Institute


Annette Andresen looks at how change management enables the realisation of business benefits (as opposed to individual “what’s in it for me” or team-level benefits) and how you can’t expect to realise benefits without focusing on the people-side of a change or transformation. The presentation covers:

  • An overview of types of business benefit

  • How to develop business ownership of benefits

  • Benefits realisation planning

  • The role of business change management in realising benefits…and how this can be used as an answer to the question “why do we need change management?”

"Many thanks to Annette Andresen for an excellent talk on Benefits Management for the Change Management Institute this evening. Thanks also to the 80+ colleagues and guests from Europe, US, UK, NZ and Aus who joined us - I hope you found the event interesting and informative."

CMI Bucks Benefits Realisation Final
Download PDF • 1.15MB

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